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A pilot's camera gear

There is no way around it really. Photography usually comes with a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of gear. This usually goes hand in hand with hours and hours on the internet to try and find the best gear to suit your own personal needs.

Over the years I've collected quite the amount of bits and bobs to help me with my photography. With different lenses in all shapes and sizes for different effects and needs, new things to mount camera's, new gear, software and items for the post processing of images, remotes, tripods, backpacks, flashes, filters the list goes on and on.

Obviously I'm somewhat limited in how much and what I can bring with my on a normal day in the flight deck. My bag is heavy enough as it is (this goes hand in hand with complaints of the first officers), no need to make it any worse, so I tend to pick and chose my gear for the day. The picture above are the some of the main things that live in my flight back on a normal day. A combination of lenses, some GoPro equipment and other small bits. Enough for me to get most of my shots.

My main camera is the Sony A7R II. And I love it to bits. I've been with Sony for a while now, with a Sony a6000 before this, so the upgrade to the A7R II was an easy choice.

My go-to lens during the day tends to be the 70-200mm F4 Sony tele lens. As we're high up, most things that I'd like to take a picture of are far away. It's great for the landscapes from above and for the other aircraft that fly past us.

During the night I tend to favour my Samyang 14mm lens, depending on the situation. At night the lights and views are incredible and it's best to get a wide view of it all. This lens is also way better in those low light conditions in the flight deck or, which is my favourite thing to do, to take pictures of the milky way and stars high above us.


Camera gear:​

Sony A7R II

GoPro Hero 5 black

GoPro Fusion 

Apple Iphone 11


Sony 28-70mm

Sony 70-200mm

Sony 50mm

Samyang 14mm wide angle

Editing Gear

Apple Imac 27" 5k Retina 

Apple Macbook Pro 15"

Apple Ipad Pro 10,5


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Lightroom mobile

GoPro Fusion Studio

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